Things I’m loving this week:


1. Man In The Box. This Youtube video series about cubicle/office life is hilarious. The one (above) about toilet paper just cracks me up.

DSC_0421 DSCF0785

2. Presque Isle. We are so lucky to be just a short drive from a warm lake, sandy beaches and endless recreation opportunities at Pennsylvania’s most popular state park. I was there every single day this weekend — to run, to train for the “Beast“, to swim, to bike, and just to relax.

beast6  beast4

3. Beast on the Bay. I’m really looking forward to Saturday’s big Beast on the Bay event. I’d like to say I’ve been training for weeks, but I’d be lying. I’ve really only trained with the team we just joined (Krauza‘s Krazies) for the last two weekends, but I have had so much fun…that I can’t wait to do it for real.  The team is 25 members large and we’ve got matching shirts and everything. Our team is in it to have fun and do something new & cool and to do it together. We start at 8:40 a.m. and estimate it could take 5 to 6 hours to complete the 15+ mile obstacle course. Let’s do this! (soon as we resurrect Dr. Krauza).


Three Things I’m not loving this week:

1. Posting only an excerpt is a way for bloggers to force you to click on their blog site (as opposed to reading their blog post in a nice, clean and easy blog reader window) to drive up traffic and bring eyeballs to the various ads on the blogger’s site. Forcing you to keep clicking to “continue reading” is done for the same reason. I’m sure it was Dooce’s “people” who advised her to do this (or did it) to make money (it’s always about money), but I don’t have to play that game.  Her stuff isn’t that compelling. I can live without her. (I hate to click …don’t ever make me click).

And, don’t even get me started on‘s ridiculous “answer-to-continue-reading” questions. As a 7-day print subscriber, I should be able to opt out of that crap. I take great joy in answering every question incorrectly and/or outrageously.


2. Calamari salad. I like sushi and the other day, while getting my California Roll fix, I decided to try something different. This salad looked good. Unfortunately, it tasted exactly like you might expect raw squid to taste. Don’t. Just Don’t. Trust me on this.


3. Dairy Queen sundaes. I’m not big on ice cream. I’ve just never really liked it (weird, I know), but I do like hot fudge sundaes, so…being that Sunday was my birthday, I got one when we stopped at the neighborhood D.Q. I was pretty disappointed in the fudge to ice cream ratio. McDonald’s does a better job and they give me a packet of little chopped up peanuts to sprinkle on — for 1/2 the price.