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winter fun

Dan and I are in the kitchen talking. I’m telling him that I found out I was last in my age group in the overall Highmark Quad standings. Lauren is sitting at the table where she’s supposed to be working on her math homework.

Me: Yeah, so I’m 7 out of 7. Sad, right?

Dan: No. You finished it. You did all the events.

Lauren (butting in): Never try, never fail — those are the words I live by.

Me (laughing): Where do you get this stuff?

Lauren: I made it up.

Me: You didn’t hear it in a movie or something? Cause you sure didn’t get that bad attitude from me.

Kelly (yelling from the living room): It’s from “Robots.”

Lauren: OK, fine, so it’s not original. But “Robots”stole it from me; I said it first.