Three things I’m loving this week

1. The election is over. And my guy won.

In a related note, I had a niece tell me this weekend that she thought I was a Conservative Republican. I nearly choked to death on the Buffalo cheese dip on a chip I had just scooped into my mouth.  Perhaps I talk tough, swear too much, go to church, and accidentally (ok, purposely) intimidate some people, but that doesn’t make me bat shit crazy a conservative.

Despite my tough outer shell, I’m a total tree-hugging, liberal, bleeding-heart Democrat inside.  I think homosexuals should be able to marry, women should be able to choose, the death penalty should be abolished, and there is such a thing as being too rich.

2. Wondershare Data Recovery. Dan accidentally deleted all the videos on our digital videocamera (And you would be so proud of how I did not once snap at him, or flip out or roll my eyes or talk through my teeth at him…I’m working on being a more patient person…no really, I am). I mostly kept my shit together because I know, from past experience, that digital files erased are not really gone — at least not until you overwrite them.

There are various digital file “rescue” software programs out there. Most are available for a free download and scan, which will likely work and show you all the files you wish to recover. That’s when you need to pay if you want to recover them. You can get mad, like I did the first time, or you can realize that those precious moments are worth the $15 or $20 (don’t pay more than that!) and pony up.

Wondershare’s Photo Recovery found all my movies and told me it would cost $39.99 to recover them.  I knew there were cheaper programs, so I clicked off…that’s when I got a pop-up offering me the software for 1/2 price. Well, OK then.

It didn’t work….it only recovered the icons for the movies, not the actual movies. I was prepared to chalk it up to stupidity, but I contacted the customer service company and they sent me a link to the Data Recovery software download for free.

It worked. Kudos to Wondershare for good customer service.

3. Arrowhead Winery’s Christmas bottles. I don’t drink wine, nor do I usually give it as a gift, but…these totally cute Christmas tree shaped bottles make me want to.

According to Arrowhead’s Facebook post, the green bottle contains Niagara wine and the red bottle contains their Scarlet’s Select. $24.99 each.

4. Kittens. If only the little creatures I keep bringing into this house would stay small…. (BTW — if you’re looking for a kitty, Oliver has a sister who needs a home, too!).

Three things I’m not loving this week

1. Ticks.  Need I say more than I already have?

2. Peas. I spent countless evenings of my youth sitting at the kitchen table refusing to eat my peas. I still hate them. They taste like urine smells. They’re not even “real” vegetables.

3. Black Friday sales on Thursday. I realize complaining about this makes me sound about 900 years old, but it’s ridiculous that Black Friday sales are encroaching on Thanksgiving — a day when we give thanks for the things we have…not scramble to add more to our piles. And don’t even get me started on the ridiculousness of the excesses of the holiday season (so much money spent on ourselves…gifting each other with more riches…it’s absurd and obscene. And, yes, I realizing I’m dancing dangerously close to being called a socialist.)