Three (plus) things I’m loving this week

I forgot to post my three things last week, so we have a hardy post this week.

1. “Sewing School.” I bought Kelly this sewing book on a whim for her birthday and it did not disappoint. The cover says it contains hand-sewing projects, but most project can be adapted to do some (or all) of the stitching on a machine.

The projects are things that kids (and, heck, adults) want to make, and  it comes with all the patterns.  The directions are easy to understand and most are illustrated step-by-step with photos.

If you’ve got a wannabe sewer on your Christmas list, this is a terrific book and it’s just $12.

2. Columbus. At less than $400 for a three-day, two-night trip for a family of four, Columbus (Ohio) is a bargain. As you know, we had a blast there, and we loved the Drury Inn. We’ll be looking for that hotel chain when we book future vacations.

3. I know, I know….shop local, shop local, shop local, but….I love that I can find anything I want at and have it shipped to my door in two days for free (I have a prime membership which, for us, is worth it).  The week before Kelly’s birthday, I had no idea what to get her. I did a little Amazon surfing and found the sewing book and the awesome earrings & necklace (above) that look just like Sammy.

As a busy working mom who doesn’t have time to shop local, Amazon has been a God-send.

4. The Summer Olympics. You can’t help but get caught up in all the excitement of the Olympics.  NBC has been bashed for their coverage of the 2012 summer games, but I think they’re doing a pretty solid job.

My only complaint is that the games are in the summer — a season we rarely even turn the TV on. But we’ve been making a point to try and watch at night, at least  from 10 to 11 p.m.

5. Our aquatic dog. Sammy has taken to swimming, which is pretty dang cute. As long as he goes in & out the plastic stairs, he won’t scratch the liner, so it’s OK. I mean, as long as you don’t mind sharing swimming space with the little pooch.  Don’t worry, the gate is always closed when we’re not around.

Things I’m not loving this week

1. Negative energy on Facebook. While I appreciate the ability to stay in contact with friends and to “get to know” casual friends, the dark side of Facebook is that it also allows for people to get really judgmental with one another because they are not face-to-face. If they were face-to-face, it’s unlikely that people would ever say the things they do or make the statements they make.

After a “friendemy” posted a comment that clearly referred to something I had posted, I took the opportunity to do a long overdue purge and rid myself of more than 80 “friends.” Who needs that kind of negative energy in their life? I sure don’t.

2. Litter in the Wintergreen Gorge. Seriously, what is WRONG with people? How do they have zero respect for nature? On a 2-mile hike, I couldn’t even carry all the trash I picked up (Yes, now I’ve become that weird woman who picks up trash while she walks.)

That said, I need to talk to the powers-that-be at Penn State Behrend because there used to be a trash can at the entrance to the Gorge trail that is no longer there. That could be part of the problem.

3. ER/Rabies conundrum. Long story short, I got bit trying to “rescue” a kitten that I later found out was feral. It bit my thumb pretty badly, so I went to Urgent Care to have it looked at. They said I had to go to the ER and get rabies shots.  Whatever. Even the ER doctor rolled his eyes when the nurse told him it was protocol (because the chances of that kitten having rabies were like a million to one).

So…I feel forced into the damned shots (four of them in the first round — one in each arm, one in each hip) and then they tell me I have to come back four more times for follow up shots.

I realize I have a $100 ER copay, but they make it sound like the follow-up shots won’t count as a visit because I’ll just “stop in” and the nurse will quickly give me the shot.

Not so. When I went back for the 2nd shot, I had to sit in the waiting room, talk to the triage nurse, see a doctor, etc.  All for shots that everyone knew I don’t need.

I called my insurance company (yep, each visit is $100 for me and probably $500 for them), I called the hospital to see if they could send the medicine to the Urgent Care (no dice), I called my doctor’s office (sorry, you have to go the ER), and I called the Erie County Health Department (again…sorry, you have to go to the ER…and a lecture about how rabies is fatal).

So, I am being forced to have a treatment I likely don’t need at the most expensive place I can possibly have it because that’s the only place that I can get it. How does this make sense if it’s a public safety issue?

Done. I never went back and, now, suddenly, the Erie Co. Health Dept. cares because they’ve been calling me daily. They can bite me. (LOL).

So if you see me frothing at the mouth, you have my permission to shoot me. Rabies if fatal, you know.