Boots and bikinis. Yep, that’s how we roll down at the creek.

I really need to carry a notebook when I walk with this child because every single thing that comes out of her mouth is blog worthy.  She is an endless source of material.

A few snippets from our creek walk in the backyard on Monday night:

Me: “Do you have any homework tonight?”

Lauren: “No. Our teacher hasn’t been giving us much homework. I think she’s trying to win a Teacher-of-the-Year award or something”


Lauren: “Oh, oh…this is it right here. If I were a salamander, this is exactly where I would live.” 

Lauren: (After discovering no salamanders under the rock) “Now that’s just too bad. They’re missing out on a great house.”

Lauren: “You know, this creek needs a name, Mom.”

Me: “Well, it’s called 4 Mile Creek.”

Lauren: “No, no…like a real name.”

Me: “What would you suggest?”

Lauren: “Jerry.”

Me: “Jerry? You want to name the creek Jerry?”

Lauren: “Yeah, it’s a good name for a creek.”

Me: “OK, Jerry it is.”

Lauren: “Now, that you showed me how to make an exclamation point (on the computer), I’m going to use a lot of them.”

Me: “Well, you don’t want to use too many or people ignore them. You know, when I was at the paper, we were never, ever allowed to use them. They call them ‘bangers’ and editors take them right out of your story.”

Lauren: “Well, that’s just stupid. I actually think every sentence should have an exclamation point at the end!”