Three things I’m loving this week

1. Lilacs. These fragrant flowers are true sign of summer that is forever linked with my childhood. There was a big bush just outside the kitchen window in the house I grew up in. When it warmed up and the lilacs bloomed, the scent would waft in through the open kitchen window and I’d know that summer vacation was just weeks away.

2. Summer suet feeding. I typically only put suet out in the winter because I’m super cheap, but I’ve continued buying it this spring because it’s bringing all kinds of cool birds within sight of my kitchen window. I’ve seen lots of woodpeckers, nuthatches and rose-breasted grosbeaks.  (Unfortunately, the grackles like it, too, and they’re pigs, but…what can you do?).

3.  My sister’s ridiculous culinary skills. Mother’s Day brunch was amazing. I’m still full.

Three things I’m not loving this week

1. Potty training a puppy. Yes, still.  It’s good he’s so cute.

2. Watering potted plants. I absolutely love pots of flowers and hanging baskets, but I hate watering them every day (sometimes twice a day). This is why I end up neglecting them to death by mid-August.

3. The start of the political ad season. Money in the pockets for all those media companies. Annoying noise to the rest of us.