Who couldn’t use a few shortcuts this time of year?  Click here for 25 clever ideas that will make life easier (trust me, it’s worth clicking on).

As a former organization columnist for the Erie Times-News, I can’t resist adding a few of my own:

Keep Christmas wrap from unraveling by creating a “cuff” from an old tube.

Tote all your beach gear with one hand by piling it all on snow sled. Works like a dream on sand.

Keep homemade cookies soft by slipping a piece of bread in the container. The moisture from the bread is absorbed into the sugar from the cookies, allowing them to maintain their softness. (Be sure to change the bread every 2-3 days).

Store plastic grocery bags and dispense them with ease by stuffing them into an empty tissue box.

Use a belt rack to hang & display necklaces (This hangs inside my walk-in closet).