They look like pretty seashells, but…in fact, there are little critters who have stuffed themselves up in those shells.

They are “hermit crabs” (though, the irony is that they are actually a colony animal). They look like this:

Cute, right? Yeah…I know, but SHE thinks they’re cute:

And she saved her OWN money to buy them.

I thought I was being clever (and buying time) by writing a list of 20 questions that she had to answer about how to care for hermit crabs before I would take her to buy them.

Smart, right?

She’s smarter. She turned right to Google and had that “report” written in a day.

“A” for effort. Hey, could you say “no” to that face up there?

So, now we have crabs, but I insisted that their “crabitat” be placed in Lauren’s room.

And, yes, you’d be wise to heed the warning on her shirt:

“Don’t let the cute face fool ya!”

* Ever have hermit crabs for pets?

* Do you, too, cave when you’re little one has a handful of crumpled bills and change?

* How long do you think they’ll survive at Casa Cass under the care of an 8-year-old marine biologist wannabe?

UPDATE: The answer to that third question? Three days. (sigh). Yep, we discovered a body tonight. We still have one though. And, with a 14-day guarantee, we’ll soon get another victim, er, I mean…crab.