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So I got invited to this play the other night. In fact, Dan and I both received invitations and the invites even came with the cash ($100) to attend, so why not, right?

We sauntered into the living room and handed our money to the lady at the ticket booth. Or, rather, we tried to, but she was messing around inside the ticket booth, leaving her cash drawer right out in the open.

I guess she wasn’t worried though because she had this ferocious tuxedo cat who was clearly giving us a warning that if we got out of line, she would do to us what she was doing to the pencil.

Eventually, the ticket taker showed up.

And, the show began.

Clearly, it was low-budget theater with a garish “Hello Kitty” curtain, but the characters were cute — a couple of lovable cats who were going on a camping trip.

Lion and Leopard started out camping in a tent next to their campfire. And, were attacked by something (I missed what attacked them).

So they got a pop up camper. And, again, they were attacked.

So they got an RV

… and enjoyed the rest of their camping trip in happiness, comfort and complete safety.

Only then did I realize that I had just been marketed to.

Classic marketing technique — free tickets to a show which ends up being a big sales pitch.

We have a couple of  friends who have campers in Sarah Coyne Campground at Presque Isle State Park and my kids who recently saw the campers for the first time are absolutely enamored with those RVs and that campground. They ask me on a daily basis if we can get a camper there.

Hence, the free theatre tickets and the message-laden production.

Something tells me Kelly has a future in Marketing…or RV sales.